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Tom Albrecht co-founded The A-Team in 2014.

Since that time, he has always specialized as a buyers' agent.

At this advanced point in his career, Tom is not a salesperson. In his own words:

"I simply help people buy homes, which sounds similar to, but is fundamentally different from selling homes." -Tom Albrecht

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Tom's mix of experience is almost unheard of in our industry because as agents get more years of experience, they tend to move away from the buyer side towards listings (the majority never specialize). Tom's rare mix:

  • 12 years
  • 350+ buyers represented in home purchases
  • Fewer than ten homes sold (2012/13)
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Be Heard & Empowered

Tom deeply respects what his clients bring in terms of preferences, knowledge and abilities. From first contact, he's there to build a strong bond and team with those clients. He respects their right to own their own major life decisions. In fact, he views his role as one of a coach; someone who can use his knowledge and abilities to empower you, regardless of the type of market.

  • MS in Economics from Oxford University: Data-driven approach and problem solving.
  • #1 rated agent on rate-my-agent (2022 & 2023)

When reading Tom's 350+ reviews online, you'll know he's a planner.

You'll know that he's detailed when it comes to all-important due diligence. He's a consistent, careful thinker and speaker. You'll know of his honesty, his care, his empathy and his intuition.

Tom is different, and he's really looking forward to meeting you.

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Tom will call you.

What Tom's Clients are Saying

“I have never had a home purchase go as smoothly as this one.”.
- Sarah Clark-Pickett
“We attempted 3 times due to my side not working out and he did not push once.”.
- Randy McDougall
“We found the house that was perfect for us in record time and for a reasonable price.”.
- Alishia Randall

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