Thoughtful Pricing
•Effective Selling

Sell With Breanna

Breanna will call you.

Step 1: Preview
(15-30 Minutes)

You'll meet specialist listing agent Breanna and start to collaborate.

Whether in person (recommended) or virtual/phone, Breanna will ask you all the questions she knows to ask because of her years of experience.

Breanna understanding your home as intimately as you do, is the foundation for a successful future together.

You'll find Breanna to be kind and helpful.

photo of Breanna Albrecht

Step 2: Listing Presentation
(In-person or Virtual | 30-60 Minutes)

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Expect to be presented with an accurate, unbiased pricing document for your property.

This document will have been curated by both Breanna and Tom Albrecht (Oxford Economist)

Breanna will weight up your would-be competition as well as recent sales in teh area. She'll do a deep dive into the state of the real estate market as it pertains to you.

You'll learn how to sell your home for as much (and as quickly) as the market can bear, and about how Breanna can help take away your stress.

Receive Several Benefits
(Service Provided at No Cost)

Quality Pricing:

A detailed pricing document with an explanation.

Clear Picture:

Our seller's net sheet, breaking down all closing costs.

Expert Advice:

From an experienced, top salesperson

Peace of Mind:

An opportunity to ask tough questions and have them answered honestly


You'll leave the marketing consultation with less stress, more confidence and a more certain future.

Sell With Breanna

Breanna will call you.

Thoughtful  |  Loyal |  Effective

What Have Our Clients Said?

"(Breanna) really did exactly what she promised to do. Thank you The A-Team for all your hard work and for making selling a home easy. "

-Rafal Wrobel

"I think what sets Breanna apart is her genuine care for her clients."

-Shaun & Robyn Vey

"The A Team helped us get our confidence back. But that was just the start. The hard work came after that. It hasn’t been easy and at times it has been extremely stressful but thank you to Breanna for her relentless hard work for her clients"

-Louise Melvin