Market Analysis

In-depth analysis of the Calgary area's real estate market. A-Team leader, Tom Albrecht, informs of market conditions, trends, and how you can be ahead of the game when it comes to deciding to buy or sell in the Calgary area.

Calgary Real Estate Market Update-March 2024

Apr 11, 2024

As we entered spring, sales rose, but new listings did not keep pace

Calgary Real Estate Market Update-February 2024

Mar 08, 2024

A reminder that while we do anticipate home values to continue to rise sharply, all markets eventually find balance

Interest Rate Increase Influence Buying Power

Sep 11, 2023

Demand continues to surpass stock in Calgary's housing market, as interest rates do another jump.

Tom Albrecht Gives Global News Expert Insight on Housing Inventory

Mar 09, 2023

Once again Tom was asked by Global News to Weigh in on the Calgary housing market.

Calgary Real Estate Market Update- Nov 2022

Nov 08, 2022

Calgary & area, with our lower home prices than Vancouver & Toronto, continues to attract record-breaking numbers of migrants, and counter-intuitively the interest rate might be helping spur this.

Calgary Real Estate Market Update - October 2022

Oct 17, 2022

Prices have continued to erode this month, over almost all property types and locations. It is important to note that this erosion, unlike other rapidly declining major Canadian markets, is being driven entirely by sentiment and not by the relative number of buyers and sellers in the market.

Global TV Calgary asks Tom Albrecht about the Housing Market

Jun 02, 2022

Tom shared his summary view on the Alberta housing market. Asked if interest rates would impact the market, he said "taken alone, yes, but we also have extremely high oil prices generating economic activity and driving interprovincial migration."

Calgary Real Estate Market Right Now: "BUY, SELL or HOLD?"

Apr 09, 2022

Real Estate Agent Tom Albrecht, updates us on the Calgary housing market during the pandemic and takes a peek into the future world of rising interest rates, high immigration, oil price shocks and more...

Calgary & Area Market Analysis

Jan 08, 2022

Calgary and the surrounding bedroom communities have all but run out of listings, particularly for detached homes. We now have lower inventory than the same day in 2005.