Why Sell with The A-Team?


Sell Confidently for Maximum Price
It's not as easy as it looks

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We've sold 800+ homes in the last decade and we're thankful for every opportunity. We're excited to be selling clients' homes in Calgary & the surrounding area and we'd love the opportunity to earn your trust, too.

What Works Best? What Works Less?(We Know from Experience)

If we had a home of ours to sell in a different province, this is our vision of the "perfect" agent we'd want to hire for the job:

  1. Experienced & loyal, specialist listing agent
  2. Accurate, unbiased pricing
  3. Marketing expertise

We know from experience, that when an agent excels in these three areas, they get a track record of selling homes in volume, often in multiple offers and often for more than the list price, regardless of the type of market.

We refer clients to agents in other provinces all the time, so we find ourselves in the position you're in right now. We know it's not easy to find a great agent that really fits in all the above ways AND offers excellent customer service.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

99 Team Sales

in 2023

36 Sales

2024 (So Far)


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1) Experienced, Loyal & Specialist

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  • Proven success in selling homes challenging market conditions.
  • Handled sales during wildfires and luxury listings during the pandemic.
  • Expert in managing multiple-offer situations.
  • Enjoys in-person sales, going beyond online marketing.
  • Confident market leader.


  • Unwavering dedication to clients.
  • Loyalty defines our approach, it is not just a tagline.
  • Undivided loyalty is not just a legal obligation but a winning factor for clients.
  • Expect exceptional dedication, ensuring your listing excels in the market, and sells.


  • Exclusive focus on selling listings, not involved in buyer assistance.
  • Rare specialization in the market.
  • Dedicated and unparalleled expert in maximizing property sale potential.

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2) Accurate, Unbiased Pricing

  • Free, unbiased information is one of our principles.
  • Tom Albrecht - MSc in Economics from Oxford University - collaborates on home evaluations.
  • Benefits of being top producers - Product & market knowledge.
  • Consistent, diligent information gathering process.

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3) Marketing Expertise

Leveraging our brand's power: The A-Team & RE/MAX First.

Our Social Media Footprint:
• Over 8,500 followers
• 650+ 5 star reviews

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And More...

Thinking of Selling?

Breanna will call you ASAP to book your first advice session.

“I think what sets Breanna apart is her genuine care for her clients.”.
- Shaun & Robyn Vey
“(Breanna) really did exactly what she promised to do. Thank you The A-Team for all your hard work and for making selling a home easy. ”.
- Rafal Wrobel
“[Breanna] told me with 100% confidence and certainty she could get the job done and that’s exactly what happened.”.
- Channing Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

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