Why Sell with The A-Team?

Enjoy the Sales Process

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It's SOLD. Well Done! 🎊 🎉

The hardest part of selling your home should be answering a simple question: who’s gonna sell it for me?

We’re here to answer that question today.

You might want to sell for as much as possible. You might want it to happen reliably. Maybe the whole thing seems like a lot of work.

Whichever of these goals you have, our job is to achieve them for you.

Selling Your Home for a Healthy Price

Hundreds of clients have sold their homes with us - they picked the right team, as their reviews will tell you. They wanted to sell in a timely manner, with full information up front and a proper plan in place. It's best to sell while it's still exciting (while the FOR SALE sign still looks good to you!).

The A-Team is the best choice for selling your Calgary area home. In fact, our specialist listing agent only sells homes. She's sold high volumes in some of the worst market conditions known to real estate.

We have a track record of selling homes after multiple offers, often for more than the list price, regardless of the type of market.

At the end of the day it's about putting smiles on faces. And money in peoples' pockets.

Give Me Free Advice on Marketing/Pricing!

"I never had to wait any length of time for her to answer my call or text. " - Diane Elizabeth Gaulton

What's the Selling Experience Like?

“Breanna was a dream to work with - knowledgeable, attentive, professional and organized. I really appreciate how she and Tom operate their business - 'integrity' is the word that comes to mind.”.
- Michele Hannay
“I think what sets Breanna apart is her genuine care for her clients.”.
- Shaun & Robyn Vey
“A lot of people viewed the movie and pictures within the first 24 hours and I believe we had around 10 showings within the first two days.”.
- Gerald Lichti

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

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Social Media Marketing is Our Wheelhouse

We started with video tours and found great success. In fact, our real estate videos were viewed 7,000,000 times. Now we're onto bigger and better things.

All of our listings now have full 3D tours embedded into your home's listing page. That listing page is designed to generate as many leads as possible. Forms, reviews, online chat. It's all there to encourage buyers for your home to reach out.

With this world-class content, they can experience your home & fall in love with the product.

But how do we generate a high volume of traffic made up of qualified motivated buyers for your home? A healthy spend on social media advertising, that's how!...

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Years of Proven Success

We pioneered this! Calgary area buyers are scrolling Facebook & our advertising brings your home into their feed. Facebook’s user base is aging: many users are now in the market. Through Facebook, we target audiences of people who have been proven to be interested in real estate right now. Getting all these buyers into your home all at the same time, is how we sell for as much as possible.

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Targeting a wider audience of buyers

Our significant marketing budget for your home extends to IG, where our beautiful photography really makes your home stand out. Investing your commissions wisely to minimize cost per click - driving traffic to your listing in order to maximize conversions and get that your cherished home SOLD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be worried that my home will not sell?

Are prices going up or falling right now? Will the market go back up?

Can you advise me on home improvements & staging?

How long is a listing contract? Am I locked in?

If we list our home, do we owe money if it doesn’t sell?

How long does it take for you to list my home?

Still Have Questions? We Have Answers

"The A Team helped us get our confidence back. But that was just the start. The hard work came after that. It hasn’t been easy and at times it has been extremely stressful but thank you to Breanna for her relentless hard work for her clients" - Louise Melvin