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(2019-2021 Sales)

So far, Tom & Breanna have sold 623 homes across Alberta. This rises to 915 sets of happy clients, including homes sold by other agents operating as part of the The A-Team.

Our Principles

Breanna(left) and Tom(right), posing.

An incredible experience? A dream home? The right price? Whatever your goals, we'll help you achieve them with our principle-based approach:

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Be Honest

You'd love to move...but. See, the market can be great, brutal or on the verge of either. The home you're selling could use some polish. The one you've shortlisted may have issues. Bad news might be hard to hear, but we'll be open. Full disclosure. These things matter.

Work Hard

Yes, we're those people. We'll price every house, load you up with market intelligence, and go the extra mile for preparation & due diligence. Through detailed, hard work, we'll excel for you. It's our thing.

Be Kind

We're in this to help kind people. And we're motivated to be kind. It’s a people business, after all. How else could we negotiate the best price for you? You can rely on us.

Free Information

Information is power, and when it comes to homes, you need both. We believe only when we give you this, can you make the best decisions. We'll be open, considerate & unbiased: no BS, no white lies, no exaggeration.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

We were among the first handful of agents to use a drone way back when. Surely, you'll agree our hand-built website search tool is quick and easy. Never used WhatsApp for a transaction? Get used to it - we'll find a real estate application for anything.

How It All Started

Tom Albrecht's Business Card from the beginning of his career

Part 1: Tom Can’t Sell

Check out Tom’s first business card - this is where it all started. Back then, Tom sold a few homes, yes, but it wasn’t his passion.

He was good at finding homes though. He did help a good few buyer clients during those lonely years. His brutal honesty caught on with nervous home buyers. So he stuck to that. Ask anyone who knows Tom to describe him, and that honesty comes up again and again.

No amount of honesty could help with selling a home though. Tom sucked at selling, plain and simple.

Problem was, agents are expected to buy AND sell. What to do?

Breanna & Tom's Wedding Photo, they are standing outside in the snow, Breanna is wearing skates.

Part 2: Enter Breanna

Stampede 2012:

"Please, can I get a bite of your candy apple?"

A few days later, they were in love, and had to get married. That all went to plan.

With business, however, they were naive. Finding herself a surprisingly great negotiator and marketer, Breanna quit her excellent job in oil & gas to be a full-time seller’s agent. Thus, The A-Team was born into the real estate world.

It was April 2014. The oil price was at its zenith.

Now with Breanna onboard, Tom didn't have to sell homes anymore. His weakness covered, he could help buyers to his heart’s content.

Two months later, the oil price began falling.

Breanna & Tom's Wedding Photo, they are standing outside in the snow, Breanna is wearing skates.
Text: Warning! Drone Operation in progress. Danger of Injury or death. Do not trespass.

Part 3: Rock & Roll

First came the principles. These boil down to "look after the public as if they are your siblings." That has never changed.

Shortly thereafter, The A-Team became early adopters of drone tech, YouTube & Facebook marketing. They recognized that buying & selling are different processes. Different specialties entirely. So it follows that for clients to enjoy the most success, they require specialists for each side of the experience.

As oil crashed, the market was falling thousands of dollars every month. Using Tom's accurate pricing, and Breanna's professional marketing, they thrived in the down market.

In the early years (& sometimes today for "old times' sake"), they headed to listing appointments together, and even shot their own videos. They developed their own website in-house (you're looking at it).

But clients needed more in a hard market. The A-Team turned to specialists at every corner: a videographer to make the best tours, a photographer to take the best pictures, designers to make it all pop.

Sparing no expense for the client paid off. Through floods, wildfires, and economic calamity, the A-Team found their footing. Ask Breanna about the incident with the fire extinguisher and the jeep.

Within 3 years, they became market leaders - selling hundreds of clients' homes, with several agents joining and excelling as part of The A-Team.

The A-Team Calgary

Today, Tom & Breanna are happy to be the only agents on The A-Team, remaining faithful to their principles. They value loyal, meaningful relationships. It's cheesy, but they recognize that fundamentally, they're in the business of making people happy.

Tom & Breanna are Calgary real estate professionals & REALTORS®, and they still use their data-driven, thoughtful approach to help people between their dream homes with ease & maximum profitability. Tom utilizes his MS in Economics from Oxford more than ever, and Breanna's years of sales experience shine through for each client's sale.

Breanna Albrecht Headshot
Top Rated Calgary Real Estate Agent Badge for Breanna Albrecht by Rate-My-Agent.com Top 100 Canadian Agent Badge for Breanna Albrecht by Rate-My-Agent.com

Breanna Albrecht

Helps Seller Clients

Breanna was the #1 selling realtor in her market* in her second full year in business. Her friends know her to be kind, but direct. She has 350+ home sales under her belt, and can tell you exactly how to get as much money as possible out of your home. On the personal side, family is everything. Breanna hails from Regina (yes, she’s a CFL fan- cut her some slack). Before real estate she was a technical writer in the oil and gas sector. She has a degree in finance.

Tom Albrecht Headshot
Top 100 Canadian Agent Badge for Tom Albrecht by Rate-My-Agent.com Top Rated Calgary Real Estate Agent Badge for Tom Albrecht by Rate-My-Agent.com

Tom Albrecht

Helps Buyer Clients

Tom was awarded #1 Calgary agent in 2022, as rated by his clients on Rate-My-Agent. Tom is a specialist buyer's agent in the Calgary area. He has an MS in economics from Oxford University & a knack for understanding his clients. Tom enjoys loyally serving others, enabling possibilities, and learning what you need to know as a buyer. He has a decade of experience diligently guiding home buyers & successfully negotiating the best possible purchase prices.

Bringing Our "A" Game. Every Day.

“[Breanna] told me with 100% confidence and certainty she could get the job done and that’s exactly what happened.”.
- Channing Pass
“We highly recommend meeting with him if you are considering buying a home!”.
- Shawna
“The A Team helped us get our confidence back. But that was just the start. The hard work came after that. It hasn’t been easy and at times it has been extremely stressful but thank you to Breanna for her relentless hard work for her clients”.
- Louise Melvin

I'd Like to Talk About My Home!

Stephanie Lopushinsky

CEO President, Broker/Owner, Gotobrokers.com

Stephanie is not part of The A-Team at RE/MAX First. She is a deeply capable expert in mortgage financing with 20 years of experience in Alberta, funding everything from new-to-Canada, to private lending, new construction draw mortgages, and everything in between. Stephanie has spent years building relationships with banks, trust companies, governing bodies to ensure that you have exposure to the best products/options nationally (her office has "lender-preferred" status). Tom and Stephanie have partnered on serving real estate clients since 2012.

*Wood Buffalo

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I'd Like to Talk About Real Estate!

"During negotiations Breanna was a huge asset and her skill and knowledge really helped us get the best deal we could." - Brendon V.