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Duplexes, also known as semi-detached homes, are attached to just one other titled property. They share a common wall, and usually (“should”) have a partition wall agreement between the owners, which defines the arrangement - for example, how will maintenance of that wall be decided.


Calgary has an extremely diverse selection of duplexes available for all budgets. They’re common in the South East suburbs of Seton or Silverado all the way up to the North West suburbs of Nolan Hill, Carrington, and Evanston in particular. Much to visitors’ surprise, duplexes are also popular choices in the city center for example in Marda Loop, West Hillhurst, or Altadore.


In 1980’s and newer suburbia, this housing option is popular because it delivers a double dose of affordability (suburban and attached). We find it also provides home-owners with a secure investment. Why? In downturns, people substitute their preferences into duplexes, because they are the most affordable housing option that (usually, but not always) does not involve condominium fees.


Brand new duplexes are becoming more and more popular among buyers in Calgary's Inner City, too. This is because, with a 25 foot wide lot, you can live in a 17’ wide detached home or a 21’ wide semi-detached home. Think about it! That 4’ makes a huge difference when a builder like Blumer Homes or Saville Homes is trying to fit in a mudroom and a living room at the rear of the home. Construction codes have made duplexes safer (from fire), quieter, and more efficient than they used to be. Many professionals in the heart of walkable neighborhoods in Calgary are spending north of $1m on duplexes.


Get this: You can even search by lot-width in our mind-blowing search tool. You can also throw these duplexes on a map for your convenience.


You name it, if it’s attached to one other property, it’s listed below.

Calgary Duplexes Listings


120 Ricardo Ranch Ave.

6 Bed 5 Bath 1638sqft

MaxWell Canyon Creek

2047 48 Ave.

Altadore 3 Bed 3.5 Bath 1896sqft

Stonemere Real Estate Solutions

2449 22A St.

Banff Trail 4 Bed 3.5 Bath 2167sqft

eXp Realty

1904 50 Ave.

Altadore 5 Bed 3.5 Bath 2870sqft

RE/MAX iRealty Innovations


2714 18 St.

Capitol Hill 4 Bed 4.5 Bath 1895sqft

Grand Realty

Open House

4210 18 St.

Altadore 4 Bed 3.5 Bath 1894sqft

RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)

Open House

4916 22 St.

Altadore 4 Bed 4 Bath 2570sqft

eXp Realty

1710 50 Ave.

Altadore 4 Bed 3.5 Bath 2281sqft

RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)



201 Ambleton Drive

3 Bed 2.5 Bath 1799sqft

eXp Realty

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